We offer full Automation and Energy Management system engineering services. From simple product and sensor selections to fully engineered submittals, we can provide you with a package from multiple manufacturers.

Facility Standards

If you have a mixture of systems implemented by different vendors, we can help define a set of Automation and Energy Management standards that govern all aspects of your system.

RFP Development

We work with clients that need a new or improved system but don’t have the resources to formalize that request in a bid process. We have experience assessing facilities, developing requirements with owners, and then turning those requirements into an RFP that can be competitively procured.


Licensed Contractor

As a licensed contractor (C-10 Electrical) we provide services that include material procurement, project management, electrical installation, system programming and startup services.

Project Management

Undertaking projects presents risk to any organization if not executed properly. We provide project management services for complex system-based projects so your team can focus on their core job functions.

Installation & Commissioning

Every supplier talks about the quality of the work, but we truly deliver. Our experience working in government regulated spaces that require exacting hardware and software commissioning means we execute at the highest level.


Service Programs

Maintaining your Building Automation and Energy Management systems is critical to protecting their useful life. It is also a crucial part of ensuring they are operating efficiently and per the design requirements.

Migrations & Upgrades

If you have legacy systems, we can help evaluate the need for an upgrade. Many clients are concerned about the risks to their operations while managing a transition of critical systems, but we identify the path for a smooth transition while highlighting opportunities for cost saving.

IT & Networking

We speak IT & Networking, so you don’t have to. Our team has worked with many IT Departments and helped facilitate conversations around cybersecurity, VLAN setups, remote connectivity, and on-premises vs. cloud server options.

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