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Service Programs

Maintaining your Building Automation and Energy Management systems is critical to protecting their useful life. It is also a crucial part of ensuring they are operating efficiently and per the design requirements.

Whether you need occasional remote support, or a consistent site presence, we design a service program to meet your requirements. We provide clear communication about the tasks performed during service visits, so you always know what is happening with your system.

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Migrations & Upgrades

If you have legacy systems, we can help evaluate the need for an upgrade. Many clients are concerned about the risks to their operations while managing a transition of critical systems, but we identify the path for a smooth transition while highlighting opportunities for cost saving.

Upgrade projects may seem intimidating, but they can have a huge impact on facility operations and resources.

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IT & Networking

We speak IT & Networking, so you don’t have to. Our team has worked with many IT Departments and helped facilitate conversations around cybersecurity, VLAN setups, remote connectivity, and on-premises vs. cloud server options.

We’ve had successful implementations with IT clients serving all levels of criticality, so we are used to working with IT as a partner. Let us help open the door to improved system functionality.

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