We offer full Automation and Energy Management system engineering services. From simple product and sensor selections to full engineered submittals, we can provide you with a package from multiple manufacturers.

We work with consulting design teams, facilities and IT departments to produce engineered designs that support any facility. We also provide this service to other System Integrators who have extensive field expertise but lack the capabilities to quality engineering documentation for their clients. Whether you need a single diagram or a full system design, we can help.

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Facility Standards

If you have a mixture of systems implemented by different vendors, we can help define a set of Automation and Energy Management standards that govern all aspects of your system.

We can standardize items like graphics, alarming, point trending, and hardware selection to ensure you get exactly what you are looking for. All items can be captured and documented for hand off to your in-house contractors or partner consulting firms.

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RFP Development

We work with clients that need a new or improved system but don’t have the resources to formalize that request in a bid process. We have experience assessing facilities, developing requirements with owners, and then turning those requirements into an RFP that can be competitively procured.

We provide language for your team which outlines scope, schedule, conditions, and budget to support the process. You can engage us on your project from concept to funding, to implementation and sign-off.

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